I love Essential Oils

As an Educator,wellness and lifestyle coach I have found Essential Oils to be one of the easiest, most valuable and most enjoyed resources I’ve been introduced to in the last 5 years. Essential oils have so many uses, so many healing properties, and can really help in transforming your life.  Essential Oils are holistic... they work on a physical level, a mental level and a spiritual level. Through oils I’ve found personal healing, deeper connections to my roots on Earth and unlocked my personal intuitive skills with these potent oils in creating my own self care, beauty and home products, which I share with others.

DoTerra oils are potent, powerful and sourced from the best possible locations around the world.  It is plant medicine- a blessing and gifts from The Earth. I use my oils To assist in my day to day activities.  I like a little lemon to start my day With clarity and brightness. I use onguard through the day to protect myself and build immune strength and a little fire to keep me going. When life gets hard, I like to use Emotion Oils to help me ride the wave. I love Serenity and Balance before bedtime.  

Using the oils aromatically in the Home is a great way to keep the air clean but also uplift those in the home.  A little lavender can help calm even the big ones.

I don’t leave home without my oils.  If I’m traveling overnight, I likely have 8-12 oils with me. It’s like a holistic first aid kit.  I feel empowered knowing I have these tools.  I know how they work and I’ve seen them heal in many ways. 

I’m an Educator, a Maven,

When I know something works, I share this information.  When I love something because it has helped me heal, I share it.  If you  want to know more about Essential Oils and how you can use them to help in your healing, your home or keeping you healthy... please reach out.  I’m here for you and happy to share my knowledge with you so you can be empowered too.

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